Thursday, September 5, 2013


I'm scrawny?

okay.  I will.
today's workout brought to you by the Chinese character for BIG.


Mary Beth said...

Cute! I know that feeling. It is passing, and I hope it will pass for you too, very soon.

AMY said...

thanks for your encouragement Mary Beth! I feel stronger already : )

Anonymous said...

Listened to your interview on BBC--you go, girl! I'd read Bill Keller's article in the NYT and had issues with it as well. It's one thing for his father-in-law (whom I assume was probably in his 80s) to choose palliative care over any further treatment, but it's a completely different story for a woman Lisa's age who has young children. She shouldn't be criticized for fighting as hard as she can or for writing about her experience. Really proud of you, Amy! Good job.

AMY said...

thanks Texas T, I'm glad you heard the show. I love your blog, no matter what Bill Keller says.

Unknown said...

This article is something that will help me with my class assignment. It helped me to better understand another aspect of this topic. Thanks.

AMY said...

I'm glad it helps.
I also have a Facebook page where I post more frequently: