Tuesday, May 22, 2012



Would somebody with "five months to live" have the energy and peace of mind to go on a road trip with House?  I think you're supposed to do your "bucket" list way before you're actually ready to kick it.

your list?


Jane said...

Hi Amy - I am Stage IV Rectal Cancer (janeandrea on colon club). I had similar questions about Wilson's apparent healthiness (except for the chemo bombardment episode) too, but then I realized - really, until all your organs start failing right before death, it is really the TREATMENTS that make you appear and feel sick, for a lot of cancers. So maybe not so weird that Wilson would have the energy to go on a road trip. And who's to say he doesn't have "bad days" that we don't see? Well, of course, being a fictional character, he IS only what we see, but you get my point. :)


AMY said...

good points, Jane. you're right, it's a tv show, not a medical journal! I hope you're doing well, see you on the forum, I'm ranger.

Carter BloodCare said...

What an interesting way to put it. We love your illustrations by the way. We celebrate the gift of life and our mission is to try to help others enjoy it as much as possible. Learn more about what we do here: http://bit.ly/LkrEzP

AMY said...

cancer reminds you to take whatever good opportunities come up. we should live that way anyhow!

AMY said...

dear Carter Blood Care, I'm type O positive and used to donate blood. I'm sorry I won't be allowed to donate again due to my history of cancer. I hope that artificial blood products will be invented!
good luck with your programs